Dedicated to providing dignity and freedom to children in poverty by giving them the opportunity to pick out their own cool shoes.

Why Shoes Are So Important

There are 12 million children living in poverty in the United States, with an estimated 8 million having no shoes or shoes that are too small for their feet.

Shoes, and correct-fitting shoes, are often the first step out of poverty.  

67% of ALL kids are wearing shoes that are too small. 

Improperly fitting shoes can cause short to long-term physical and mental implications, including foot deformity, nerve damage, and anxiety.

Shoes From Susan Steps Up To Change Lives

Shoes From Susan is a Field of Interest Fund at The Community Foundation Martin – St. Lucie dedicated to providing dignity and freedom to children in poverty by giving them the opportunity to pick out their own cool shoes in a shoe store. Shoes From Susan understands that shoes are more than just a fashion statement – they provide protection and comfort and are an essential part of everyday life. For children living in poverty, a new pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world.

Shoes From Susan operates on the principle that every child deserves to feel valued and empowered. By allowing children to choose their own shoes, we provide them with a sense of control over their own lives. The experience of going to a shoe store and picking out a pair of properly fitted shoes that they love can be incredibly meaningful for children who may not have many opportunities to make decisions for themselves. This is different than most shoe distribution charities which send second-hand shoes or donated new shoes to schools or agencies for kids to pick through. This experience of visiting a shoe store also creates a feeling of “inclusion” since this is a normal experience for middle-class and wealthier children.

“Remarkable charity provides shoes, empowers underprivileged kids, and transforms lives with quality footwear and community support.”

Together, we can make a difference!

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